RoguelikeDev does the Complete Roguelike Tutorial

Reddit’s r/roguelikedev is running RoguelikeDev does the Complete Roguelike Tutorial again this year. They provide a tutorial in Python, and several in other languages—including a Rust tutorial written by yours truly. It’s an excellent event to join with friendly people and make a game. You can take your time, and count on an awesome community to help. The event is also a great opportunity to learn/try a new programming language.

I’m promoting the event because Hands-on Rust wouldn’t exist without it. A few years ago, I decided to use the event to learn a language I’d been hearing about: Rust. I implemented the Python tutorial in (poor) Rust, and then decided to go back and write it in idiomatic Rust. Along the way, I thought I’d write about my journey. Then I just kept writing. 70 odd chapters in, Erlend from Amethyst put me in touch with PragProg—my publisher. After some discussion, Hands-on Rust was born.

I can’t recommend this event enough if you have the time.