Pre-ordering Hands-on Rust

The final manuscript has been submitted, and Hands-on Rust is working its way through the final stages of production (final error checks, layout, etc.). We’re on track for a release in early July, so I wanted to share a few ways to pre-order the book and answer a few questions that have come up.

Purchasing the E-Book

If you want the e-book version, the best option is to buy the beta directly from PragProg (the publisher). You’ll receive the final beta immediately, and the complete e-book version when it launches.

Buying the e-book version does not include the printed, paperback edition.

Pre-Ordering the Full-Color Paperback

I’m thrilled to announce that Hands-on Rust will be available as a full-color paperback. You can wait for release day and order it directly from PragProg. I understand that doesn’t work everywhere in the world; hopefully providing a few other retailers will help.

You can also ask your local library or favorite independent bookstore for ISBN 978-1680508161.

Support your local, independent bookstore or library! Small bookstores and libraries are wondrous places. You can escape from the world, and find texts covering just about anything. If you share my love of these places, please consider using them to obtain Hands-on Rust. If you’d just like to browse Hands-on Rust, ask for it at your library. Librarians love to find books for their readers, and I’d like nothing more than to wander into my local library one day and find someone reading my book!

If you are associated with a bookseller who carried Hands-on Rust and would like to be listed, please drop me a line.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve received a few questions recently, and thought this would be a good place to answer them.


A couple of people have asked me from whom I receive the largest royalty check! I’m flattered, but I’m not expecting to retire to a private island from this project. I do receive slightly more revenue if you buy directly from the publisher, but please use whatever is most convenient for you—even borrow it from your local library. I’d much rather you enjoy the book than worry about paying me.

Overlap with the Rust Roguelike Tutorial

Hands-on Rust does have some overlap with the Rust Roguelike Tutorial, but the emphasis is very different. Hands-on Rust is a book about learning Rust and some game development—and using the game development medium to make the learning process enjoyable. It closely mirrors my Rust journey. Since the late 1980s, I’ve found that writing games is a great way to learn a new programming language—and Hands-on Rust is about sharing that joy, in the hopes that you can enjoy yourself as well. The tutorial doesn’t teach very much Rust, instead it focuses on making a Roguelike and learning the craft of assembling a fun dungeon exploration game.

What’s Next?

I’m working with PragProg on another title—the working title is Rust Brain-Teasers. It’s early days, but it should be a short and light-hearted approach to some of the more puzzling aspects of the Rust language. I’m hoping that the two books do well enough that they let me write another game/Rust focused book. :-)

How can I be an author, too?

Writing is a lot of fun. I recommend starting out with tutorials and articles. This helps “find your voice”, and get a feeling for how interested people are in what you have to say. It also gives an idea of how much work goes into writing—and the answer is “a lot”. Once you’ve got some writing under your belt, I recommend contacting PragProg via their [](Become an Author) pages. You don’t have to start with a full proposal (writing one takes a while)—approaching them with an idea and discussing the project is an excellent way to start. If you do pitch a book, be sure to mention me—and feel free to reach out to me for advice. Full disclosure: I get a small bonus if I refer potential authors. That’s not really my motivation, though: I’d much rather people enjoy writing, and I love reading new tech books.

Can you give me a Discount?

I wish I could. I can arrange coupons for events, and do my best to announce sales—but it’s as much the publisher’s book as mine. They can often help out more than me; I’m the writer, they handle all the sales and similar.

Will Hands-on Rust be available in other Languages?

I truly don’t know, and the decision is out of my hands. If the book sells well in a particular region, PragProg may work with a translation company to provide a localized edition. It would really bring a smile to my face if it happens, but I can’t promise anything.

Additional Content

I’ve posted the extended tutorial for Flappy Dragon on this site, and there are a few other topics that didn’t make it into the book that will be addressed here in the coming months. My current list includes:

  • WASM (Web Assembly) compilation and release.
  • Enhanced Enemy Pathfinding.
  • Better Procedural Generation.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to send them my way.

E-Book and Paper Bundle

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of an e-book and paper bundle for those who love both formats.