Beta 5 of Hands-on Rust is now available

Full list of changes:

The fifth beta of Hands-On Rust is now available. It includes the new chapters Combat Systems & Loot, Finishing Touches and a Rust Cheat Sheet. This chapter delves into data-driven design; define your game objects in external data files and map them into the game’s Entity Component System. This lets you quickly enhance the game without needing to recompile.

Data-Driven design is central to fast design workflow, especially if you are collaborating with a team. The programmer(s) define features, game designers and artists can quickly iterate the design to make a fun game.

This beta includes all of the planned content, and marks the start of the road to final production (both print and e-book).

New chapters added:

  • Combat Systems and Loot
  • Final Steps and Finishing Touches
  • Rust Cheat Sheet

This release also includes the following changes:

  • Changed subheadings to use the gerund form.
  • Instead of periodically changing the dungeonfont.png file, it is created once and re-used throughout the book. The font is defined
  • Update to Legion version 0.3.1.
  • Add a closing bracket to the code sequence listed in
  • Correct the system name
  • Clarify the use of ecs and self.ecs
  • Clarify making map mutable
  • Properly draw attention to usage of find_most_distant
  • Add a with_fps_cap call and explanation
  • Removed a redundant word
  • Highlight the changed constructor
  • Include and highlight that MapBuilder needs to become mutable
  • Corrected the trait name used
  • Add a code highlight
  • Remove a sentence that was meant to be removed in the previous beta
  • Clarify the text accompanying the code to import RoomsArchitect
  • Remind the reader to use the newly created module
  • Add instructions to include the Themes module
  • Expand code snippet to include resource selection

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