Beta 4 of Hands-on Rust is now available

Beta 4 includes the new chapters Inventory and Power-Ups, and Deeper Dungeons. Add items with effects to the game, such as magic dungeon maps and healing potions. Extend the game to cover more than one level. Adding items helps you make the game more interesting—and poses tactical questions to the player. Is it worth risking running through a room to find a potion? Should you use your map now, or save it for later? These questions become more important as the player delves deeper into the dungeon - expanding the game to include multiple layers adds challenge, and makes resource management more of a challenge.

New chapters added:

  • Inventory and Power Ups
  • Deeper Dungeons

This release also includes the following changes:

  • Corrected the spelling of “automata”
  • Clarify code placement
  • The prelude module is no longer public, and throughout the title.
  • Added highlights and explained code order
  • Correct a transposed x instead of y
  • Added a missing code highlight
  • Rename the MapBuilder constructor new for consistency.
  • Replaced the Orc graphic with one that causes fewer alpha-channel problems, and updated several code references to the glyph.
  • Added an explanation for why you might want to treat a struct as a tuple
  • Added missing systems field to the State struct
  • Removed an unnecessary clone call from cellular automata map generation.
  • Fixed monster spawn positions being picked from the wrong range: WIDTH,WIDTH—they are correctly WIDTH,HEIGHT now.
  • Corrected code callout numbering
  • Added a missing code highlight
  • Rename stagger_distance variable to distance_staggered for clarity
  • Added text (it was already in the source code) extending the MapBuilder constructor, in addition to the structure
  • Added text (already in the source code) to add monster_spawns to MapBuilder
  • Removed redundant code instructions
  • Added a constant for UNREACHABLE in Dijkstra maps, staring in
  • Added two steps to the book (already in the source code) explaining a missing step in monster spawning
  • Removed repeated “emoji” word
  • Corrected a typo
  • Corrected a typo
  • Corrected a typo
  • Corrected a typo
  • Corrected a typo
  • Corrected two typos
  • Corrected a typo
  • Corrected a typo
  • Clarified labeling on the graphic
  • Added a missing line of code
  • Use the more common form of an old computer science joke
  • Corrected a typo
  • Update code highlight and comment to match the previous usage of the same code
  • Clarified the instruction provided and added a code highlight
  • Added an explicit implementation of in_bounds to Algorithm2D
  • Corrected a transposed variable name
  • Added an info-box explaining project name changes as chapters progress
  • Removed a redundant state check and added a code highlight
  • Clean up the clone_dirty function
  • Added a reminder to use EmptyArchitect
  • Clarified that procedural generation screenshots are from the test harness, so as to show you the complete map
  • Corrected initialization of DrunkardsWalkArchitect
  • Cleaned up initialization of randomly selected architects
  • Clarified instructions
  • Corrected a typo
  • Corrected indentation
  • Corrected a transposed variable name
  • Corrected invalid quotation mark markup

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